Corporate presentation

Several options are available to you for your events!

Whether it's a cupcake combination or a big sweet table,
Mille & un cupcake will answer all your requests.

Our services include delivery and installation, display rental,
the purchase of tablecloths and accessories (plates, utensils, napkins, etc.)
in your colors or your theme... in short, it is a turnkey service.

Let us concoct sweet desserts to meet your expectations.

Your imagination is our limit!

Cupcakes (mini ou regular)

Price of cupcakes

Mini cupcakes

We recommend 2 to 3 per person for a full serving.

Mini cupcake vanilla or chocolate, butter cream in the colour of your choice or mini cupcake with a varied flavour.

  • One color cream: $1.50 each
  • Two or more colours: $1.75 each

(Note that white icing is not considered for a color).

Addition of a round edible pastille personalized with your logo or a mention of your choice:

  • White round pastille: $1.50 each, if more than 50 units, they are $1 each
  • Tablet other size (such as square, rectangle) or another color: $1.75

Regular cupcakes

Two options are available, classic cupcakes (Vanilla or Chocolate) at $3 or various flavours at $3.35 each.

It is possible to change the butter cream colour of Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes to match your company colours.

  • Cupcake Vanilla and Chocolate, cream one color: $3 each
  • Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcake, two or more colours: $3.25 each

(Note that white icing is not considered for a color)

Add a personalized edible pastille with your logo or a mention of your choice: $2 each, if more than 24 units they are $1.50 each.

Cakepops (cake on stick)


We recommend 2 per person for a full serving.

Milk chocolate (brown) with lines or beads in the colour of your choice: $2.50 each.

Chocolate of your choice with lines and beads customized according to your event: $2.75 each.

Addition of a personalized edible pastille: $0.50 each.


All our cakepops can be placed on plates or standing on a structure. We can create a custom styrofoam structure to stick the cakepop on so that they are self-supporting. A simple and aesthetic solution!

The cost of the structure depends on its complexity and size. A personalized quote will be sent to you, depending on your project.

Personalised cakes

Medium or giant cupcake

There are two sizes of cupcake: the average cupcake (starting at $20) or the giant cupcake (starting at $65). They are a good option to put at the top of a cupcake tower to give a spectacular effect!

Cream cake (starting at $5 / serving)

From 15 portions to 150, we can create the cake of your dreams! The cream cake is perfect to complete a sweet table at a lower cost.

Melted cake (starting at $5 / serving)

The melting cake is very popular to give elegance to all your events. It is the perfect product to customize according to the theme of your event: there is no limit.

Our edible prints have a maximum size of 8 x 10 inches, at a cost of $20 for a full page.

A wide variety of flavours and toppings are available!

Complete sweet table

Here are some of our sweets available for your table that we can customize according to your theme or company color.

  • Mini cupcakes
  • Regular cupcakes
  • French macaroons
  • Chocolate Mousse Verrines
  • Meringues in your company colours
  • Cakepops
  • Tempered strawberries *available according to season*
  • Small coloured chocolate beads (900 gr.)
  • Rice Krispices on stick with coloured straw
  • Wet marshmallows with coloured straw
  • Craft biscuits
  • Shortbread Butter Cookies


It is possible to completely customize your sweet table, both in terms of products and colors. This is what makes the "wow" of the table, it will be designed especially for your business.


Mille & un cupcake offers a display rack rental service to make your table a real work of art. Our displays range from contemporary to rustic to vintage. We certainly have the displays that will compliment your beautiful products.

Delivery and installation

We also offer delivery and installation services to help you on the day of your big event. Take the stress out of picking up your order and let us set up all the products. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Gifts from employees or partners

Available products

We have a multitude of products that we can customize to your company's image, starting at $3.75:

  • Cupcake individual box with an edible pastille;
  • Packaging of 2 macaroons;
  • Cupcake in Mason Pot (4 flavours available);
  • Salted caramel Mason jar;
  • Mason's chocolate ganache pot;
  • Bag of caramel popcorn;
  • Soaked marshmallow with wrapped straw;
  • Rice Krispices with wrapped straw;
  • Meringue bag with thematic colors;
  • Pretzels in packs of 2;
  • Cakepops in packs of 2;
  • Sweet gift baskets starting at $10.

We only need your logo and it's done!

Label with logo or mention available for 1$ per item.

If you have any questions...

We are aware that you are very busy, which is why we would be pleased to meet you in your offices to show you the products we offer and explain the possible options.

We also have a wide variety of products for the holidays: themed Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, personalized gift baskets, etc....

You have an idea in mind? We love to take on challenges, so don't hesitate to share your creative ideas with us.

Looking forward to realizing your ideas!