Our services

Our creations, in the limelight of your event !

Classy setting for comforting moments, full and plain !

Launch party, cocktail, simple party, wedding … whatever the event, small or big, Mille & Un Cupcake will know what perfect creations to serve to raise it up a notch ! We will adapt to your budget and all your requests, no matter how kooky they may seem…
Because, according to us, there are a thousand and one ways to party !

A wedding is a major highlight in someone’s life. We want it to be magical and unforgettable. Setting up the decoration of a room for a wedding also means choosing the right table of delicacies and the centrepiece: the cake. Impress your guests with a sweet and refined work of art. Small and big cakes can all be customised according to the new weds desires. We will listen attentitively to your requests and present one-of-a-kind pieces filled with love. It will be our pleasure to meet with you. Contact us for an appointment. Take a look at our Wedding
album on our Facebook page.

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Company event

In search of something different this year ? Let Mille & Un Cupcake take care you and your employees. Be it for your Christmas banquet, a conference, an afterwork happy hour or any other event which you organise, we will work out the perfect display to satisfy the sweet lovers. Even the least greedy will be tempted ! Moreover, Mille & Un Cupcake can customise your cupcakes so that you can offer your employees and customers a pretty as well as delicious gift. They will keep coming back for more! Your LOGO, our cake !

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Renting of display units

So that you can spread out your cupcakes and other sweeties with style duringyour professional or private events, we offer a variety of display units to be rented !

Aimed at serving and astonishing you !

The ultimate wonder: a table of gourmet desserts!

For a special occasion among friends or family, or to decorate a boring work meeting, score a huge hit with our table of sweet treats! Mille & Un Cupcake offers unique pastry skills and its artist’s sharp eye in order to create oceans of sweet treats presented to you as it would have been displayed in the most glamorous art galleries. A treat for your eyes and taste buds !

Discover our tables of small treats filled up with our cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, biscuits, chocolate mousse, cake-pops and even more.

Without neglecting the decorative items which add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to it all ! Let us combine your imagination with ours in order to create new sets of flavours and colours, according to classic or customised themes.

Not only will you wow your guests, but you will also leave a savoury taste in their mouth, and they will come back begging for more.

Contact us for any advice or to get a thousand and one details on our sweets tables !

Cupcakes (small cake)

Decorated carefully, coloured, simple, fondant and topped up by a sweetened glazing, they are synonymous with comfort and portray a return to childhood. A wide variety of glazing is available.

At Mille & Un Cupcake, we bake them each day with natural products and
ingredients of great quality for more freshness.

Judge for yourself !

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Big cakes !

Offer a cake preciously decorated and customised for any occasion.

Whether it is a cake for a birthday or a baptism or any other occasion, Mille & Un Cupcake will design the perfect cake allying quality, through natural products which bring freshness and delight !

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Cake-pops (cake on stick)

Surprise your guests with these small, original and fun cakes.

Just as delicious as our cupcakes, the cake-pops are presented in the form of lollipops … which can be eaten !

Ideal for tastings !


Bite into our savoury shortbread. In a single bite, you will be won over. Their taste will take you down memory lane and remind you the ones prepared by your grandmother. A must for every occasion. Mille & Un Cupcake even allows you to customise and decorate them according to your desired theme.

Small Mason pots

Small Mason pot, we adore you! Whether it is filled with one of our ganache (chocolate, caramel/flower of salt) or one of the cupcakes of Mille & Un Cupcake, you will adore them too ! Try it cold or offer it as a gift … however you wish. Here is a clever way to satisfy your sweet tooth without dirtying your fingers !


Circles and more cirlces … Exquisite and timeless, portraying the most refined European tradition !

Copious flavours and colours, for all tastes! Take one, one more, then another…