A wedding is one of the key moments of your life. We want it to be magical and unforgettable. Setting up the decoration of a room for a wedding also means choosing the table of delicacies and the centrepiece: the cake! Impress your guests with a refined and sweetened work of art! We will listen attentitively to your requests and present one-of-a-kind pieces filled with love !

We offer 3 different options for your special day :

Option 1

  • The first option is the traditional cake. Made in order to fit your style and your precise number of servings, you are assured to have a beautiful cake to show your guests. They will be under the charm of an extraordinary cake and a very tasty one. From $5.50 the serving.

Option 2

  • The second option is the elegant cupcake tower. With this option it will be easier for you to share your cake and in addition reduce the potential wastage. At the top of the tower, you have the perfect cake in order to take part in the tradition which consists in freezing the cake and to eat it one year after your wedding. If you do not wish to wait, it is ideally made in order to divide between husband and wife. Moreover, you have the option to fill up the tower either with our regular mini cupcakes and our regular cupcakes, or to even make a mix and match of both ! The wedding cupcakes are always greatly appreciated with the colour ‘wrappers’ of your choice. They add a touch of sophistication to the decoration. Advantages of this choice? You can pick up your products from our shop and make your own display. Thanks to our renting display unit services, you only have one stop to make: at our shop, Mille & Un cupcake.

Option 3

  • The third option is our high-end and turnkey service; it is our large and beautiful sweet treats table! Have a restful mind thanks to this option, we take care of everything. From the detailed execution of the products, to their variety and quantity, you will be impressed by the professionalism and the loveliness of your wedding’s sweet treats table. Delivery, setting up, renting of display units, everything is included. You can head straight to your honeymoon with peace of mind !

Do not forget that we can also prepare gifts for your guests. Several options are on offer :

  • Cupcake in a Mason pot
  • Wrapped up individual Cupcake
  • Pack of meringues
  • Pack of 2 macaroons
  • Pack of 2 cake-pops
  • A butter shortbread
  • Small chocolates sweets
  • Salted caramel Mason jar
  • Mason's pot of homemade ganache 
  • Caramel popcorn bag 
  • Marshmallow dipped in chocolate with personalized straw 
  • Pack of 2 pretzels 
  • Bag of Portuguese biscuits 

All these products can be customised according to your theme through the choice of colours, labels or even of the edible parts with your initials and the date of your wedding.

For all the options, it will be our pleasure to meet up with you for a free meeting as well as for the tasting of our delicious cakes. Contact us to take an appointment by dialling the 450-951-3140 or by email :